Our Story

Authenticity and individuality are the true hallmarks of timeless style and elegance. 

That’s what drives our creativity at Baindoux. Our distinctive, limited-edition fashion encourages you to celebrate your personality.

Uniqueness is in our DNA, embodied by each one of our must-have garments, and emphasized by every ingenuous, surprising detail.

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Your lifestyle

Baindoux is designed for your modern lifestyle: versatile garments that are equally at home on the beaches of the Mediterranean or Caribbean as they are on the streets of New York City or London.

Our meticulously curated collection of contemporary, modern pieces also evokes the vintage nostalgia of the pioneering 60s, the bygone glamour of Hollywood, and the allure of St. Tropez and Marbella.

Your Values

Our search for the finest cotton for our range, offering the ultimate in softness and breathability, took us to the Nile delta. In line with our shared values of community and sustainability, we chose ethically produced Giza cotton.

Each of our garments, from exclusive jackets, ponchos, bombers, shorts, and hats, is made from this exceptional, all-natural, sustainable Egyptian Giza Terry cotton, which is hand-picked to preserve the fibers’ integrity. Each piece is lovingly made in Portugal from pre-washed long staple cotton, to ensure a superior fit, with long lasting, vibrant colors.

Our Stores

The Baindoux collection is available online and at flagships stores at your favorite destinations, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, the Alps and beyond, including the Cayman Islands, St Barths, Monaco, Megève, Marbella and St. Tropez.

We invite you to enjoy our Look Book.

Discover our stores

We invite you to enjoy our Look Book

Express yourself

Authentic style never goes out of fashion. With Baindoux, feel the freedom and timeless elegance of the golden years of the Mediterranean, from St. Tropez to Marbella.
‘Man of Style’ and ‘Model of the Year,’ Jordan Barratt wears our limited edition Courage jacket in light blue.

Sophistication, elegance, and fun

Dare to be different

Our vibrant, reversable Sunset Bomber, is the must-have piece. Available in different colourways, and each featuring evocative pop photography prints, by artists like Aaron Slims and here, by Marbella’s Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

Evocative and timeless

The devil is the details

The Royal jacket, evocative of living life well. Meticulously crafted, each Baindoux garment surprises and delights.
The Royal jacket even features a pocket fashioned for your favourite cigar.

Casual elegance for beach and city

Forever summer

Our pieces celebrate the glamour of life.
You will find Baindoux in the finest destinations. Here the collection is vibrant in the Andalucia sun at La Casa del Príncipe, the Marbella home of our brand ambassador, Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

It’s time to elevate your urban and beach looks with Baindoux

Mark of individuality

Where others might imitate, we playfully inspire, creating fashion that wraps you in glam, elevating each day.

Sophistication, elegance, and fun

Life is your playground

Capture the magic of Mediterranean Marbella, the timeless chic, celebrity playground, where life always feels that little more glamorous. Bold and beautiful, Baindoux sets you apart in the Andalucian sun.

He wears our Sun City white shorts, with The Royal jacket in dark blue.
She wears Bucket Hat in bordeaux, with Sunset Bomber in brick.

Urban flair

Looking sharp on the streets New York.

The Royal jacket is a confident in the city as it on the Riviera. Distinctive and original, it reflects your style.

Classy incognito

Raise your game with our sporty Le Cap hoodie set, made from 100% handpicked Giza Terry cotton for the softest, most comfortable feel.

It’s a wrap

Authenticity and originality are the hallmarks of the best artists.

Our distinctive and seductively versatile Sunset Bomber jackets starred in the latest video for flamenco pop band Gypsy Prince, filmed at the retro chic Pez Espada Hotel, Torremolinos.

Style icons

Vibrant colours, unexpected combinations, inspiring versatility – our collection embodies individual style, like the movie icons that fell in love with Marbella.

Contemporary nostalgia

Making a bold statement, with a contemporary nostalgia, the Gypsy Prince band rocked wearing The Royal jackets. 

Music and fashion have always mutually inspired creativity. Marbella Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe’s pop flamenco group chose Baindoux fashion for their latest music video shoot.

Celebrating uniqueness

Our clothes are adored by those that recognise their authentic, personal style, like Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe, musician, athlete, and photographer. Hubertus embodies unique creativity, while his father, Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, was the visionary that founded the legendary Marbella Club and introduced this magical part of the Mediterranean to Hollywood stars, and the jet-set.

As featured in Vanity Fair, Hubertus captures in this evocative photograph the glorious Marbella lifestyle. Dressed in Baindoux, his wife Simona Gandolfi, model Ida Lungren, friend DJ Dilly Bond, and cousin Ignacio Casa de Ciria, share a moment in his legendary home, La Casa del Principe.

Be bold

Wear your confidence with style. Feel fabulous in our long staple, soft Giza cotton, which will caress your skin.

Effortless Elegance

Take your personal style to a new level with our Gaby jacket, a timeless statement piece. When you want to dress up or dress down, it will always make you shine.

Playful style

Sophistication fun and elegance, it’s what Baindoux is all about. Whether on the deck of a Monaco yacht or sipping a cocktail in the summer bar at Marbella Club, our glorious Sunset jacket will be your go-to favourite.

Downtown decadence

The Gaby is timeless and versatile, from day time chic to an evening of glam.

Bold boutiques

Our distinctive Baindoux collection can be found at stores at your favorite destinations, from the glamour of Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barths, the exclusivity of the Cayman Islands, the elegance of Monaco, the Mediterranean vibrancy of Marbella, to the excitement of Megève where you can find our fashion at the iconic Big Boss boutique. Our flagship store is in St. Tropez.

Megève moments

Our reversable Sunset Bomber is as comfortable on the coast at it is in the mountains. Its standout design includes a vintage print by Slim Aarons.

European elegance

Elevate your look with The Royal, a statement piece, wherever you wear it.

Turning heads

Finding the perfect fit is a secret to authentic style. Our Sunset Bomber and The Courage jacket always make you look your best.

New York New York

King Lindo’s sexy, upbeat DJ style is perfectly matched by The Royal jacket – it’s all about self-confidence.

Characterful style

You’re confident and creative, you need your look to reflect who you are. That’s why Baindoux is created for individuals, and we love to break the rules.

Playful fashion

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, our bold and vibrant Baindoux kids collection is perfect for the most imaginative youngsters.

Super subtle

When you want to impress, less is often more. Your personal style can sometimes speak louder when you go for a minimal, mellow look. Let the quality of Baindoux garments do the talking.